Cursor Container

60 min sketch. Click image to launch. Responds to dragging and clicking. Best on desktop in webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari).

This sketch doesn’t really fit my “be about something” criteria for this blog. It’s more a continuation of my MFA thesis experiments.

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  1. Ok… this and many other similar sketches I’ve made are drawing at the same point : Screen visuals are highly underdetermined—there is no necessary structure ‘behind’ whatever form you’re looking at on a screen. For example, a square can be a collection of points defining the dark areas, a collection of geometric points with a fill, a different collection of geometric points with a stroke, a hole through an image, the side of a cube, etc. Furthermore, there is no necessary connection at any time between some user gesture and whatever structure is there. This means we can allow users to manipulate a forms via any structure we want at any time.

    From an action-centric perspective we might look at it this way: An interaction designer (of some kind) defines or creates opportunities for action; assuming an action is an event with some causal chain, one way an inter(action) designer makes decisions is by defining the potential causal chain from input to screen; and doing this is a dance with ‘digital materials’ or ‘computational materiality’ in some sense. That catch is that the experience or the phenomenology of acting on the design is not really (or just) a question of the materials, but the relationship between the motivating desires and beliefs and the observed consequences (or side effects) of the input gestures.

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