UX prototyping tool circa 2050

90 min sketch. Click image to launch. Responds to click and drag. Best on desktop in webkit browsers.


This is a cheeky response to one too many recent developments in prototyping tools that show off—with high energy music urging breathless anticipation—the ability to create and organize rectangles.

Underlying Framer X is React, a Javascript framework that allows (and proselytizes) collecting logic and presentation into a self contained component—a one-click feature found in Flash over 10 years ago and an idea that has existed for much longer but still incompletely implemented in contemporary web standards.

As a web-framework the presentation of a React component is still accomplished via HTML and CSS; a set of mechanisms built to present text documents in different shaped windows. As such, any React-based WYSIWYGish editor, despite building on contemporary hotness, will have similar tool-design challenge as Dreamweaver did in the 90s— allowing designers with an objects-in-space mental model to create procedural layouts. (The complexity of the problem has only grown as web standards have included layout systems (flex-box, grid). )

So long as we need to accommodate variations in screen sizes and our underlying procedural layout technologies churn,  we’re going to have new tools competing to address the same problem—organizing rectangles.

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