Don’t Get Any Big Ideas

60 min sketch. Click image to launch. Responds to click. Best in webkit browsers


Three thoughts:


I once had a nightmare of falling towards Jupiter, never arriving even as it grew larger than I could comprehend. It was terrifying and sublime and I don’t know how I’d ever capture the feeling. I wonder if this sketch touches it a little. It’s possible that the larger dark disk is mostly unapparent until a click, when the light circles draw attention to the edge and what was once the background becomes a figure of sorts. I wonder if that’s key to some sense of sublime—the ‘background’ (perceptually speaking) emerging as a singular entity. 

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Click image to launch. ~60 minute sketch. Responds to cursor movement. Best on desktop in webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari).

The Procrastination sketch was originally the first thing I made for this blog series. It’s  not great, though the idea is simple: The relationship between work obligation and attention is represented through the spatial relationship between a box and the cursor. The statement is, in essence, ‘avoiding work makes it larger and more demanding of attention’ (plus some nuance). Some of the details of the spatial relationship are more or less invisible though (if not the entire relationship). It’s also a 2D sketch for a 1D relationship. The reasons why these issues are issues though is interesting.

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